Some of the people who choose to undertake one of Chiron’s Trauma Informed therapeutic approaches have written testimonials of their experiences, for us to share with you. If reading through of these testimonials you feel like Chiron could help you, too, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Anonymous, Feb. 2021

I worked with Jackie for around a year. When I started working with Jackie, I was experiencing what felt like quite intense anxiety and flashbacks. I was struggling day to day, and with managing work and my personal life. Everything felt difficult. I knew I needed something more than counselling or CBT.

I noticed Jackie was a trauma informed therapist and was qualified with various therapies and thought to try something different. Immediately when I met Jackie I felt comfortable. Jackie has such a friendly, warm and welcoming personality that you immediately feel relaxed. I felt that I could speak to Jackie without no judgement and felt understood, no matter what I brought up or what I was feeling.

I knew Jackie was by my side from day one and I knew with confidence that she could take me through the emotional rollarcoaster of therapy! I dealt with a lot of my past in my time with Jackie, even the things that I didn’t think I had the courage to face. Jackie helped me to feel brave and knew my limits. She knew what therapy may work best for me, and we were always flexible in that, if that therapy didn’t quite work, we would try something else. Jackie is so knowledgeable in trauma therapy and has various therapies in her tool belt which I felt for me was essential. I remember Jackie saying to me that her aim was to get me to a place where I no longer need her.

I’m currently having a break from therapy, and I can honestly say I’m at a place where I didn’t think was possible one year ago. I’m much more resilient now and the past doesn’t weigh me down like it used to. I’m so grateful that I’ve had this experience with Jackie and thankful to be at the place I am now where I feel like life is more enjoyable. I’ve tried different therapies and therapists over the years, and I honestly feel that Jackie was made for this career.

Outstanding therapist and such a lovely person. Thank you Jackie!

Anonymous, Aug. 2021

Working with Jackie has been fundamental in finding ways to step into myself and to show up in my own life. She always created a safe container to explore what arose and really tuned into my experience, empathetically guiding and reflecting throughout that process. I have felt so supported during our sessions and her warmth and caring would leave me feeling held during and after.